Welcome to the Shadowlander

I am a Shadowlander. I’m not particularly proud of that it just is.  I know that once I pass out of the shadowland into the true country I’ll immediate marvel that I loved the shadowland so much.  I know that but I am still a Shadowlander and I really, really love these shadowlands!

Today is Ash Wednesday which means that Mardi Gras has just finished.  While I do appreciate the grace of God that allows me to come and repent and receive his forgiveness and grace (trust me when I say that without God’s grace I would be lost in every way).

But I am a Shadowlander.  Mardi Gras was a blast!  I have eaten crawfish pie, jumbalya, and filet gumbo.  I have given and received about a thousand strands of beads.  I have sang old songs and seen old friends and laughed at stupid human tricks.  I have been told “I love you man!” by people who probably do but who won’t remember saying it.  I even dressed up for the coronation of the king and queen (in case you’re wondering I went as a riverboat gambler).  I love this Shadowland tradition.

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I am glad for this glimpse of the True Country.  It keeps me moving forward.  But I am a Shadowlander and so soon my focus will blur and I’ll be back to enjoying the here and now without much thought of the life and land to come.  That’s what this blog is about:  My journey as a Shadowlander who wants to find the True Country but who really, really likes life in the Shadowland.

Join me and maybe we can help each other along the way